Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you provide service to?

street cleaning

With multiple locations, central, west and north of the city, we can easily provide sweeping and water services throughout the GTA, including Simcoe County.  A solution may also be found for sites outside of these areas by request.

Disposal Bins

What Are The Dimensions Of The Bins?

The bin dimensions are as follow:

  • 5 yard – 28” H x 5’ W x 12’ L
  • 10 yard – 4’ H x 6’ W x 12’ L
  • 14 yard – 4.5’ H x 7’ W x 12’ L
  • 20 yard – 5’ H x 8’ W x 14’ L
  • Are There Restrictions on What We Can Put in the Bin?

    There are a few restrictions. Automotive products (such as oil, tires, batteries), Hazardous waste products (such as paint, chemical cleaners, propane/fuel tanks) should not be put in the bins. Additionally, clean fill (concrete rubble, block, soil/dirt) is suitable for our 5-yard bins only.

    Bulk Water Supply

    How are your water trucks equipped?

    Our trucks are versatile to provide solutions to many problems. They are equipped with front and side jets for street cleaning/flushing, rear deflectors for dust suppression or ground compaction, and hose reels for grass/sod watering, as well as pool filling.

    Will Your Hose Reach From Our Street to Fill Our Pool?

    Each truck is equipped with 125 ft of hose, however, we can easily supply more if required.

    Where is Your Water Sourced From?

    Water supplied is always clean, municipally supplied water for all pool fills.

    Street Sweeping

    Why use your regenerative air sweeper?

    Our “dustless” regenerative air sweepers have an efficiency rating of 99% on 0.5 micron particles, meaning it collects the dust that mechanical “broom” sweepers may omit into the air. This is a perfect solution for any yard/plant/site that has environmentally sensitive dust issue or runoff issues, or that may be looking to improve employee working conditions.